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Leo Hunt’s robust data-driven approach breaks barriers to residential real estate investing. We pair our team of local experts with technology to help you hedge inflation and maximise the performance of your investment.

What type of investor are you?

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Conventional model: buy to let

Rental properties are highly demanded in every shape and size in Budapest's central neighbourhoods, providing an excellent opportunity to start your real estate investment journey. For investment property owners, finding and keeping a good tenant is the name of the game – and Leo Hunts Property Management is here, so you can do just that. We market your rental property to people who value its beauty and unique features and are willing to pay accordingly. You can always feel confident you'll get optimum rental returns now and in the long run.

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Adventurous model: buy to resell

Budapest´s central neighbourhoods are full of properties that have received little love over the past few decades. Sought after as they are, finding a beautifully renovated classical downtown apartment is not easy, leaving the opportunity wide open for investors unafraid of risk. Buying low, renovating, and then selling with a profit requires significant experience in the market, property valuation and marketing. That is why we teamed up with Aēform, a fully integrated home builder practice that helps you identify properties with the highest potential and carries out all improvements to maximise your return.

Hedge inflation and reduce volatility

We help you navigate the Budapest real estate market to find the investment option that matches your risk tolerance with the highest returns.

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