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Robert Karoly korut large studio apartment

District XIII., Angyalföld
€ 45 900 000€ 900 000 / sqm
51Size (sqm)

Listing description

Come and visit with us this pied-a-terre close to downtown of Budapest. The tram stops in front of the building, there is a huge organic shop next door.

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Property Details

Apartment Condition:Excellent
Building Condition:Good
Property Type:Apartment
Common Cost:€ 22950
Investment Type:Buy to let
Expected Yield:4%




Leo HuntsRobert Karoly korut large studio apartment

District XIII.

This district is very popular with long-time residents of Budapest, the streets here have a certain unique charm to them. This neighbourhood feels distinctively alive with a large array of cozy cafes, specialty shops, and unique restaurants.

Since the main touristy spots reside in other parts of the city, very few visitors venture into or stay in District XIII. This creates a more familiar and community-based space where neighbours know each other and people invest in their community. Known for its historically Jewish population and progressive nature, many intellectuals, artists, and young families flock to this district.

The gastronomy scene, while not as sophisticated and high-end as some other districts, is distinct and culturally vibrant. Many wonderful establishments can be found here, tending to be snug and cheerful. When it comes to the nightlife here, there are not many bars open late, so the district quiets down once these places close.

Architecturally, District XIII stands out from the rest. The majority of the city’s modernist and Bauhaus buildings are here, creating a unique feel to the area.

The beautifully-manicured Szent Istvan park is situated in the middle of the district, providing a space for relaxation and exercise. Also included in District XIII is Margaret Island, a magnificent park in the middle of the Danube. With baths, running tracks, Japanese gardens, and huge fields, the island offers a perfect place to get some fresh air in the middle of the city.

Neighborhood image
What to expect

With the riverbank walk and Margaret Island, there’s space to enjoy the natural splendours of Budapest. The district is special in its approach to community, offering the possibility of a real home in this sense.

What not to expect

District XIII has fairly crowded streets with the amount of cars parked along the roads. This area also lacks historical landmarks and museums.

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