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Jablonka út 4 bedroom apartment

District III., Testvérhegy
€ 360 000 000€ 1 800 000 / sqm
200Size (sqm)

Listing description

Fall in love with this amazing 4 bedroom apartment in the 3rd district near Three Border Mountain. This is a quiet green neighborhood, ideal for families.

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Property Details

Apartment Condition:Freshly Renovated
Building Condition:Excellent
Property Type:Apartment
Common Cost:€ 20000
Investment Type:Buy to let
Expected Yield:4%


Ceiling Cooling Heating
Floor Heating
Garden Access
Heat Pump Heating


Leo HuntsJablonka út 4 bedroom apartment

District III.

The Third District is an up-and-coming area of Buda which offers great views of the hills and Danube. The ancient military camp of Aquincum, located in a part of what later became known as Óbuda, was built there by the Roman Empire. The settlement, which existed from the 1st to the 4th century, had advanced infrastructure, such as an aqueduct, a bath and two amphitheatres, one for the army and one for the civilians. Several villas belonged to the settlement, and the Roman governor had his palace on Hajógyári Island. Today it is one of the best locations for families who are price-conscious, and wants to be close to the nature.

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What to expect

Beautiful views, close proximity to nature, great accessibility and public transportation.

What not to expect

This is a much more secluded urban area free of the hustle and bustle of the central downtown.

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