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Baross Street 2 Bedrooms Apartment

District VIII., Belső-Józsefváros
€ 61 000 000€ 792 208 / sqm
77Size (sqm)

Listing description

Designed with premium quality in mind and deep passion in the heart, this spectacular real estate is located in the up-and-coming neighbourhood of Budapest Downtown. Indeed, this unique apartment is one of the best of its kind to be found anywhere in Budapest and probably beyond.

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Property Details

Apartment Condition:Good
Building Condition:Good
Property Type:Apartment
Common Cost:€ 70000
Investment Type:Buy to let
Expected Yield:4%


Building Central Heating
Separated Toilet


Leo HuntsBaross Street 2 Bedrooms Apartment

District VIII.

While District VIII has some less appealing areas, the Palace District stands out from the rest.
This lower area of District VIII has much to offer in terms of cultural interest and beauty.

With its wide, tree-lined streets, this part of the city feels distinctly different from the surrounding areas. Many university buildings can be found here, bringing a young, vibrant energy along with beautiful architecture. As the name Palace District would suggest, palaces built in the 19th century, generally of neo-baroque style, line the streets. Today, these grand structures have been converted into hotels, libraries, and residences, offering a luxurious charm to the area.

The Hungarian National Museum stands on the edge of the district, with its newly-restored grounds, perfect for a stroll or sitting on a bench with a book.

Mikszáth Square is the heart of the Palace District together, with its exciting shops, yummy food options, and outdoor bars. In the summer, the young artists of the city flock to this square to sit at the outside tables and enjoy the weather.

While the restaurant options may not be as varied as in other parts of the city, the establishments that are here are well-loved and very good. The cafes and teahouses in this district are truly special, from the eclectic Sirius to the modern Lumen.

Neighborhood image
What to expect

The Palace District has beautiful and clean streets flanked by elegant buildings. The area is, for the most part, pretty quiet, and most of the places close early in the evening.

What not to expect

While there are trees and lovely small parks, it does not have the large green spaces as in other districts. In terms of historical and cultural sites, this district does not have much to offer.

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